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This is the Fishman Affidavit

This is the famous Fishman Affidavit. To explain why it has become so famous, I'll give you some more information.

The Church of Scientology (or CoS; or Co$ as their opponents call it) sells its followers expensive courses which, if students study them carefully, are supposed to set them free ('clear' them). A former CoS-follower, Fishman, was brought before court because he commited several crimes in order to get the money to pay for these courses. Scientology urged him to get the money any which way he could. They also assigned him to kill somebody, and failing that, ordered him to commit suicide.

When Fishman had to testify in court, he used parts of Scientology-documents to prove he had been brainwashed by the Church. These Scientology documents thereby became public material: anybody could go to the court library and read them. The Church, fearing that its sacred secrets would be revealed, had some of their people going to the libary every day to lend these documents, thereby preventing other people (read: non-Scientologists) to read them. Nevertheless, the Fishman Affidavit got copied and has been travelling the Internet ever since.

The funny thing is, when you read the document, you'll just see a bunch of gibberish. Apart from the instructions of how to treat non-Scientologists (almost every means is allowed to silence them; lying is common sense; cheating is part and parcel) there's just this silly and badly written science-fiction tale about Xenu who controls all of us people; except (of course) the few Scientologist wo managed to 'clear' themselves. Well, L. Ron Hubbard was an sf-author, but not a very good one (and jeez, I happen to like the genre).

But the real story is that Scientology does not want their followers to know what's in store for them: they forbid everybody to read this material, stating that it would kill those who are not yet ready for it, but probably because people may stop believing Scientology once they've read this lousy sf stuff. Also, followers may never know what's in store for them. And of course Scientlogy asks massive amounts of money for the privilege of reading this.

To the best of my knowledge, the files here contains nothing but a court-document. Indeed it does include some material that is copyrighted by RTC; but as that was included in the court-document, they may be published as part of that document. In case somebody shows me that I included non-court materials (preferably by sending me a court-stamped copy of the original document), I will most certainly remove those parts of the material presented here.
Of course I would never want to publish copyrighted material of RTC other than that made public by the court. I am am thoroughly aware of the importance of copyright and copyright laws, and I do respect them.

Scientology does not argue with people who do not agree with them. They prefer to harass, start crazy lawsuits, have people followed by private detectives, and generally intimidate them. (See especially Exhibit B in the Fishman Affidavit: On Control and Lying) Currently, they are waging a war against Internet: trying to remove newsgroups, cancelling messages, raiding providers. Their motto is: 'Never defend, always attack' and they are bent on ruining people who criticize them.

Scientology has ordered various raids on providers or computersystems from which documents exposing Scientology were available; most notably FactNet, a group of people who are putting together an on-line archive about Scientology.

In september 1995 Scientology raided a Dutch provider, XS4all, telling them to remove the Fishman Affidavit from the homepage of one of their clients, Fonss. XS4all refused to do so, stating that the content of people's homepage is of no concern to them and that they are not responsible. Fonss voluntarily (well, what would you do if you knew the Church was after you?) removed the Fishman Affidavit but provided a link on his page to another place where it could be obtained.

Ever since, the Fishman Affidavit is popping up everywhere. It's a dragon: when you cut one head of, it grows seven new ones. I hereby present another copy of this dragon.

Extra: The $cientology Cartoon Page!

For everybody who wants to know more about Scientology, please refer to:

- The verdict of the trial that the Church of Scientology put up against several Dutch Internet Providers (including mine) and Karin Spaink. (Original Dutch text)
- A very informative report on the activities of the Church of Scientology in the Netherlands. Written by an investigation-commitee of the Dutch Parliament. (In Dutch only)
- Information on Scientology's raid on XS4all, which has many newspaper-articles about the case (both in Dutch and in English).
- Fonss homepage on Scientology, which includes among many other things the FactNet-kit, which is even more famous than the Fishman Affidavit. You can still download it from there.
- Ron Newman, who maintains a magnificent archive on the Church of Scientology.
- The Electronic Frontier Foundation, who have amassed a huge collection of legal cases of Scientology vs. the Net.
- The Clam Bed, a page of links to other sites where the Fishman materials may be found. Updated frequently. Also contains a "morgue": links that were killed by the Church.
- An up-to-date list of all Dutch Fishman Affidavit sites.
- For a nice teaser: Go fish, man, but beware of Jaws.

This text was originally written by Karin Spaink. Published here with her permission.